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2012 Tour News

South America

As another cricket seaon rolls around, another international tour gets closer. In September 2014 the Flanders will embark on their fifth tour and aim to conquer the final continent of South America. The team will clash with Argentina and Chile in the Americas before ending the tour in Europe with games in France and then finally the great clash of Flanders vs Flanders in Flanders, Belgium.

Latest News

The Neddies have commenced 2013/14 season. Download the Flanders app and get out and support the boys in their chase for another premiership.

In the off-season the boys picked up a silver medal in the Queensland Corporate Games.

Welcome to the Flanders!


The Ned Flanders XI are a Brisbane based cricket club that plays in a local Queensland cricket competition. Founded in Brisbane in 1997, the club is the brainchild of club legend and captain, Matthew Young.

Over the years the "Neddies" have enjoyed considerable success. Domestically, the club are seven time A grade two-day premiers, six time one-day premiers and currently hold the Roy Gassiep T20 Trophy. On the international stage, The Flanders were victorious over the Vanuatu National Team in 2006 and assumed the world ranking of 29 after defeating the Japanese in 2008. They whitewashed their series against Spain, Morocco and Gibraltar in 2010 and their latest conquest was to beat Mexico and Central American champions, Belize, in 2012.

The team promotes a strong belief in mateship and sport with the understanding that being a member of the Mighty Ned Flanders XI is more than just showing up every Saturday in summer for a game.

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