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Andrew McMurtrie

img 0422Name: Andrew McMurtrie

Nickname: Chooky, Chicken, Garrett, Migaloo, Ablett, Farquar, Big Shiny, Melon Head

Member Since: 2001/02

Player Number: 72

Batting Average: 25.31

Highest Score: 135

Bowling Average: 27.18

Interests: Scoring 90's, getting on bandwagons, US forces, blue sky mining


  • Fifth highest run scorer in the clubs history

  • 3rd most capped Neddy

  • Famous for losing a cricket ball in very short grass at mid off - Charter boat, what charter boat?

  • Invented the ice cream scoop catching technique

  • The only member of The Hall of Fame not to satisfy the entry criteria

  • Founding member of the heart and soul