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Mark Dowling

mark dowlingName: Mark Dowling

Nickname: Daffy, Plucka, DJ Efud, "The Overseas Specialist", Marky Mark

Member Since: 2006/07

Player Number: 84

Batting Average: 8

Highest Score: 16

Bowling Average: 16.88

Interests: Medicine, physics, international tours, running like a duck, scoring ducks


  •  One of only 6 flandersmen to complete all four international tours thus far
  • Only bowler to have taken more wickets overseas than at home
  • Proud member of the successful "Nerds" squad in 3 tours
  • Proudest moment: a handy 36 run partnership with the great Daniel Roe off the last 4 overs against Vanuatu
  • Part of the Lauries backbone